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Call me Violet. Since turning the legal age of 18, I have worked in the adult entertainment industry and practiced turning sex appeal into a profession. Seduction is the key to my livelihood. 
     A formal college education focused on sexology supplements my real-world experience as an exotic dancer, XXX video creator, and independent escort.  
     I consider this work to be my chosen profession. I have pursued gaining experience and polishing my practices with the same tenacity that anyone would give the career of their choice. Because of the seriousness with which I have undertaken the promotion and management of my business, I can assure all my clients an experience that exceeds expectations, balances transactional and emotional components with ease, and aims to both satisfy your intimate desires and enrich your emotional wellbeing.
     I hope those of you visiting for photos & rates will take a moment to read my blog and recognize the value and humanity of ALL sex workers.

Yours Truly,

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