Important Patrons

I give my best service to repeat clients. With each encounter, my ability to give you the best service possible will increase. I am happy to offer a system of perks and privileges to those that show consistency. I feel authentic affection for those who understand our business and friendship are not mutually exclusive. It is my clients that help me pay my bills and feed myself, so I have deep gratitude & appreciation for the men I can count on to reliably return & take an interest in my well being.

Clients with this status will be offered:

* $50 off GFE rates of an hour or more
*50% off Rush Fees
*The option to book BnG Quick Visit sessions (150)
*Permission for session recording for no additional donation once every 3 months
*Bonus content when purchasing my XXX video packages
*Priority scheduling (first choice appointment times)
*Forgiveness on 1 late cancellation/no show fee per 6 months
*250 off overnight donations
*15% off "Quality Time" donations
*Blanket permission to use me as a reference with other providers
*Party favor procurement services
*Lower Outcall Transportation Fees

 A client is considered a VIP when they establish themselves as a regular. What makes you a regular?  In the next section I have outlined the requirements new or returning clients must meet in order to gain the perks of VIP status.

To Earn "Regular Client" (aka VIP) Status:

*Book 2 hours within a 30 day Period at Full listed rates
*Book 3 hours within a 6 week period at Full listed rates.

*Have no instances of no-call no-show during this period
*Make no attempts to haggle or request premature VIP status


To Keep VIP Status:

*Contact me with the same phone number each time

*Use the same alias, if you've given one

*Book consecutive appointments adding up to a half-hour or longer within 6 weeks of each other.^

*Have no instances of no-call no-show during the qualifying period +

+ When a"No Call, No Show" (NCNS) happens with a returning client, I often offer the chance to make up the lost appointment in the following 24-36 hours before marking the session as NCNS, incurring the fee & losing progress toward VIP status

^ 6 weeks begin the day of your qualifying session. The next six-week period will start from the date of your last booking. If more than 6 weeks pass between bookings, you can requalify by booking a single hour at the regular rate.


The men that see me on a consistent basis, reliably follow through with bookings and take the time to have real conversations with me during our dates  ALWAYS get the very best service I can give. My ability to count on someone inspires a genuine fondness that cannot be faked. My livelihood depends on clients choosing to book with me, and I feel much more comfortable when I know some of those bookings are going to be with men I have already met. These clearly defined and explicitly offered rewards benefit the clients that make an effort to develop a rapport with me. These offers are meant as an incentive to be consistent, reliable, and get to know me. It is because of my clients that I have been so successful in this work, and I want this special treatment to be a testament to my appreciation of your repeated patronage and reliable business.