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  • Contacting Me
    Getting in touch with me is simple. My phone is on at all hours, and as long as I am awake and able to respond, your text message will always receive a prompt and informative reply. Please reach out to me via text and use your opening message to introduce yourself. Introductions must include your first name and age, address me by name, and use a FULL SENTENCE. Your booking request is also appreciated, but not required. The introduction is required before I will answer any question or discuss any other topic, though. Keep in mind: You are not Sting or Madonna or Seal or Bono. Telling me a false first name only has me calling you the wrong name our whole session and losing out on the actual connection I'm trying to initiate. Texting me is the ONLY way to communicate a time sensitive message and receive an immediate response. I do not answer voice or FaceTime calls from people that have not pre-arranged to speak to me that way. After your initial introduction, I am happy to plan a call that is limited in time and topic. The only instance in which I will book via email is when someone is planning a Date Night, Overnight, or All Day/Multi Day session. Otherwise, using e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat are NOT effective ways to book. This site has a chat function, which appears as a little button in the bottom right hand corner. This may be more effective than social media or email, but I still would not suggest using it to book. There is a lag between your chat message being sent and me getting the notification for it, which can impede our communication. Please simply text me at 202-446-4039 to make plans. Again, online messaging systems are not an effective way to communicate time sensitive messages or booking appointments. Please use them for communication not related to scheduling. Please note: I give every client I meet my undivided attention. You would find it rude and distracting if I were to pause our time together to respond to text messages. Do not expect other clients to endure that same experience when you send a message. If I am with a client, I will reply to your introduction/message as soon as I have time.
  • How to Communicate
    When you contact me, please introduce yourself in a message using complete sentences to tell me your name, age, and the general request you have. This is a prerequisite to any discussion between us and a requirement to even be considered a potential client. For example: Hey Violet. My name is John, 45. I would like to schedule a 2 hour incall for some time this evening. Please do not open with any of these: Available? Where are you located? You busy? How much? Wya? Pic? Hi Hey Yoo What's up? These types of initial messages are rude and off-putting. The simple greetings are not as rude as the other examples, but it doesn't provide me with any information whatsoever about you. I cannot determine whether I am willing to meet you and whether I can meet your needs without some information about you and what you're looking for. I expect you to know my name. Extra points if you demonstrate you know it by addressing me directly in your opening message . If you do not, I will ask you directly what it is before I agree to meet you. I expect you to be willing to visit this site. I expect you to be respectful, introduce yourself to me, and know what kind of session you want to book. I expect you to use complete sentences and use words like "please" and "thank you." I expect you to allow a reasonable amount of time for a response before sending "???" or something similar. I expect you to ask ahead of time if you want to plan a phone call. I do not answer unplanned calls. If you ask me for any info that is available here, such as rates or photos, I will direct you here. I refuse to see men that are rude. Don't be rude. Speak to me like you would speak to a woman you respect. Give me AT LEAST the same amount of consideration, respect, and attention to manners you would give a Tinder hook-up. It does not matter to me whether you ACTUALLY respect me, only whether you treat me as if you. Your behavior and good manners are the most important thing to me. Men that are kind, polite, reasonable, and reliable get the very best out of me. I can give my most enthusiastic service when I feel safe, appreciated, engaged (like having good conversation), and respected. Please just follow these instructions because I do NOT go easy on apathetic, rude, or entitled texters. Just check my Twitter.
  • Availability & Scheduling
    I am typically available daily. I do not have a permanent schedule of hours because my other activities and commitments vary from day to day. However, I usually schedule my first appointment of the day between 12:00pm-2:00pm. My last appointment is usually scheduled between 2:00am-4:00am, with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights, when I typically stay up later and often schedule into the early morning. These are not hard rules, however, and on any given night I could be up later or in bed earlier. The only way to know is to text me and ask (after you introduce yourself). If a client wishes to schedule a session prior to noon because they are not available any other time, I am often willing to accommodate the request provided they make a 20% deposit. Requests for sessions starting prior to 12 noon must be made the night prior at the latest. While I do advertise as being available on short notice, short notice is not the same as immediate. When contacted by someone seeking my soonest time available, I usually suggest an appointment time an hour in the future. I do this whether or not I am actually busy because I need the time to prepare and I do not like the precedent and dynamic rushing to be immediately available creates. If you would like an appointment within the hour, I have added the option to add a $50 rush fee to the booking rate for an appointment time within the hour. I am often able to accommodate a same day appointment of 2 hours or less with as little as an hour's notice. Certain circumstances may occasionally prevent me from being available that quickly, so it is always suggested and appreciated if you can plan ahead at least a few hours. Please note, I could be booked 3 or more hours out in the evening. Outcall sessions require a few hours notice most the time, with an absolute minimum of 2 hours notice. In addition, outcall clients are required to order a round-trip ride (Uber/Lyft/Via) for me. Clients that do not wish to order a ride for me directly can instead make a deposit to cover the cost via CashApp. This deposit must be made prior to me leaving and must cover the round trip cost of the ride. It will not count toward your session rate. You will still owe the full amount upon meeting, whether you order the ride or make a deposit. I prefer clients order the Uber/Lyft for me directly as opposed to a deposit because it provides both parties with some assurance and peace of mind. I can be sure you are serious about your booking and you can be sure of my arrival time. Overnight sessions or sessions longer than 2 hours must be planned at least a day ahead of time. Sometimes an overnight request made by the early afternoon can be accommodated later that evening, but I do not suggest banking on this. These require a 10% deposit for next day, 20% for any further ahead. Your booking will not be considered part of my plans until you have made the deposit. Bookings made within 12 hours will have to put down a 10% deposit because your fellow gents have ruined that honor system for you. If you truly mean to keep the appointment and respect my time, $40 toward your session rate is not a a big ask. If you are booking more than 12 hours in advance, a 20% deposit will be required. HOWEVER, I have a policy for those that do not wish to make a deposit. You have the option to simply text me 1.5-2 hours before your requested appointment time. As long as I am not busy, I am happy to do the appointment. I usually do not ask for a deposit for bookings made within 4 hours.
  • Screening
    In my experience, the language a person uses and the way they communicate with me tells me much more about their underlying personality and attitude than simple identification does. A client that passes traditional screening may be insufferable, arrogant, and demanding despite willingness to provide their personal information. On the other hand, someone that does not have references or some other piece of information can end up making great company and become a lucrative regular. Any information you would like to volunteer is certainly appreciated and would help me feel assured. However, I do not require personal information such as government ID, proof of employment, or references. The qualities that make a person a pleasant client or a danger are independent of their legal name and employment information. My instincts are impeccable because I use them and listen to them daily. If anyone that contacts me speaks to me in a way that makes me feel uneasy, sounds arrogant or demanding, or demonstrates a lack of respect for me and my time, I refuse the booking. This system actually results in me refusing to book the majority of men that contact me. By my logic, if I want a client to provide me the assurance of their ID or other personal document, I should not be meeting with them at all. My safety is more important than any money, and there are enough polite and well mannered men that follow directions to keep my more than busy.
  • Late Arrivals
    Even if you are only running a few minutes behind, I appreciate it when a client updates me. However, I do allow a ten minute grace period for arrivals. As long as you are less than ten minutes past your agreed upon appointment time, the session will continue as planned. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your session, please let me know as soon as possible. The earlier you inform me of your postponed arrival, the better prepared I can be. If I am given reasonable notice about a late arrival, I am more likely to be able to adjust your booking time and dedicate myself to your for the full session time. Depending on my availability and schedule, a late arrival may cut into your session time. If the client is otherwise respectful and pleasant and I have the time available, I will always opt to still provide the full session length. Even with clients I am fond of, sometimes I cannot dedicate the time because of my established schedule. I give 10 minutes grace period for unplanned late arrivals . Clients arriving within 10 minutes of their appointment time will have their session time start upon their arrival, not their appointment time. When I am not informed of a late arrival, I must consider my subsequent bookings. I start the session "timer" 10 minutes after the agreed appointment time in the event of an unexpected late arrival. For example, a client arriving at 2:50 for a 2:30 appointment of an hour will have 50 minutes left in their session time.
  • Cancellations
    I understand that things happen. However, a last minute cancellation can effectively amount to a net loss of income because I dedicated that time to you and turned down other clients that would have likely folllowed through. Cancellations an hour or more before your appointment time will have no impact on future bookings. As much notice as possible is expected if you cannot make your booking. Cancellations less than an hour before your session (or less than a half hour when the appointment is made on short notice an hour in advance) may incur a $50 cancellation fee which will be added to the rate if you wish to book in the future. I keep records of these instances and I will refuse to reschedule any client without agreeing upon this small additional fee to compensate for my wasted time. Cancellations made AFTER the scheduled booking time will be treated as "No Call, No Show". If you only inform me of the cancellation AFTER I contact you to ask why you have not arrived for your session, it will be treated as a "No Call, No Show"
  • "No Call, No Show"
    I define the result of a booking a "No Call, No Show" when the client does not cancel prior to the agreed session time. If you simply ghost me or only inform me you can't make it after I have initiated the conversation, that also falls under this category. "No Call, No Show" clients are the worst scheduling mishap. It screws up my schedule, wastes my time, and effectively costs me money. I am selective about who I am willing to see, and try to only pick gents that seem reliable and genuine. When you miss your appointment, there is a nearly endless list of potential clients that WOULD have shown up. There are two ways I handle subsequent interactions after a client has essentially stood me up. Which option I choose depends on the previous relationship, the attitude and behavior of the client in other situations, and my general mood. Some instances of NCNS are more deliberate, inconvenient, or disrespectful than others. I often give clients 24 hours after an instance of NCNS for the client to make up their appointment. If they reschedule and complete a session of the same length or longer within that 24 hours, it will be as if the NCNS never happened. You will know whether this is being offered to you based on what I say. I will explicitly tell you. If I do not, you will owe the following fees without the grace period to make up your session. The fee for a "No Call, No Show" is either $50 on the day of your missed appointment, or $100 if you wait until you are requesting to book again before you pay it. Paying this fee to put yourself in good standing is required as a prerequisite to schedule a new session, with the listed rate still due at the time of service. That means you must CashApp or Google Pay the $100 in order to be in good standing to schedule again. I will not entertain any requests to book, discuss availability, or make any promises until this $100 is paid. This amount is in addition to your session donation. This is meant as compensation for your previous missed appointment, not as a deposit for the new one. You will still owe the full amount listed upon meeting. If the client attempts to persuade me to drop this additional fee or refuses to pay it, I refuse service & they will no longer be eligible to hire me in the future. If the client is rude, demanding, or doesn't show up for an appointment I was making some kind of exception/offering something special for, I may refuse service without first giving the option to instead pay a fee.
  • Outcalls
    Outcall requests of a single hour are of lower priority than incall requests of any length. All outcall requests must be planned well in advance. A single hour's advance for incalls is sufficient, as long as I am available. However, outcalls must be planned a minimum of three hours in advance. For all clients, providing an Uber/Lyft for me OR sending a deposit CashApp to cover this expense myself is absolutely required. If I do not require this of you because you have proven yourself to be a regular and reliable client, I will tell you. Unless I inform you that I will take care of either the round trip or return trip myself, a round trip rideshare order is required for your outcall. This "deposit" amount does not count toward the cost of your session. It is separate. If you choose to a send transportation stipend instead of ordering the ride yourself, you will still owe the full donation amount upon my arrival. I strongly prefer that you order the ride for me yourself, as this serves to comfort the nerves of both parties. It shows me you are serious and a legit booking, and it shows you I am really coming. It gives the peace of mind of a deposit, without the fear of someone running off with your money. I will repeat: This is ABSOLUTELY mandatory for outcalls. You cannot reimburse me with cash upon arrival. I refuse to travel to you on my own dime. This is not a perk you can tell me you will give if I do something extra for you. It is a basic requirement of the outcall, not an extra tip of some kind or a generous favor. Whenever possible, please opt for an incall instead. It is less expensive and easier logistically for everyone.
  • Donations
    My session options and rates are listed everywhere I advertise. This site, Tryst, PrivateDelights, and Skip the Games all include rate information with my profile or listing. Rates for my services are not negotiable. Attempting to haggle or negotiate my session rates may result in refusal of service. It certainly will NOT result in me agreeing to a lower amount. On rare occasions I do offer special rates and will advertise them on the online platforms listed above. Donations should be made in cash (large bills in a blank envelope) or via Cashapp ($VixxxViolet). Donations are collected at the start of our appointment with no exceptions. The full agreed upon amount is required before any other topic or activity can be attempted. CashApp is currently my preferred method of payment.
  • Extras
    Activities that are not included in my standard sessions are likely still available to you, but regarded as an extra. For instance, I am willing to engage in many types of fetish play, but because the topic is so broad it is difficult to create a standard menu for everything. Many fetish activities are very specific. I determine some of these niche activites on a case by case basis. Don't be shy to ask! Just because I don't mention a certain activity does not mean I am not open to it. BDSM Play (50-100+) Additional cost varies depending on whether the client requests domination (50-100) or submission (100+) and the intensity of the activities. ​ Rimming (100) Client must be freshly washed and reasonably groomed to be eligible for this extra. Pegging (100) Client is expected to provide toys of their choosing for this activity. Role Play (50-100) Additional donation amount depends on the specific role-play scenario. Video Record Your Session (100) Clients are allowed to record with their phone as long as the resulting footage is strictly for personal use. Session videos are not to be shared or posted anywhere online. If I discover your recording posted anywhere online, I will blacklist you in the provider community and possibly take legal action.
  • Video Recording
    Video recording of our encounter is permitted for an additional donation. These videos are permitted strictly for personal use. You can use your cell phone or camera to record POV or stationary shots of our encounter. Any posting or sharing of these videos, whether sharing publicly on a website or sharing privately through direct messaging, monetized or not, will be considered a blatant disregard of my consent and may be subject to laws forbidding “revenge porn” and/or posting explict content of someone without their permission. I am happy to be featured in your private videos, but only with the understanding and agreement that they are for your eyes only.
  • Showering
    Ideally you should shower, bathe, or wash any part you want me near prior to arrival. However, if you are unable to shower because you are coming from work or an event, you are welcome to shower or wash yourself in the bathroom available at my incall location. Please be aware that any time you spend on hygiene after arriving to my location will count toward your total session time. Session time starts when you arrive at my door. If any part of your body is poorly groomed or washed, I may refuse to include it in our session activities. I expect both your hands and body to be freshly washed when we begin our session. If for any reason I feel my health or safety would be at risk performing a certain activity with you, I will refuse your request. You want me to be fresh, clean, and appealing. Please be considerate of my experience as well. If you urinate immediately before we begin, please make sure you rinse off with water.
  • Social Dates and Modeling
    For clients looking for arm candy and company for special nights, I offer social (platonic) dates for outings and events at a rate of 250/hr. However, if the evening concludes with a private, intimate encounter, my full rate is expected for the hour (or more) including those activities. I am also available for modeling. Swimsuit, lingerie, or nude. There is no physical contact during photo shoots. Lingerie and other partially clothed shoots are $125/hr. Nude photo shoots are $200/hr. I also require access to the photos taken. If you want your own professional watermark on them, or to be credited as the photographer anywhere I show them, I am more than happy to do that. You would maintain the copyright and ownership, but allow me to use the photos for advertising purposes and promotion of my website.
  • XXX Video Sales
    In order to bring my business practices in line with my personal beliefs & my goal to help combat sexual maladaptions with my clients, I will no longer be selling video content. I am always available to provide you with a real, in person experience.
  • Two Girl Sessions/Couples
    I enjoy the opportunity to work with another provider and I do not suffer from any of the envy or defensiveness so many women struggle with when it comes to female relationships. I do have a couple friends in the area I can call to offer duos with, but these sessions will always require a deposit. I cannot ask a friend to dedicate her time to a session with me if it isn't ensured either it will happen or she will be compensated for a no call no show. If you have someone in mind and would like to book a second girl for our session, I will gladly participate. In the case of returning clients, I would even be willing offer assistance in finding and communicating with the second provider if you would like the help. For first time clients, I cannot commit the time and effort to that task without a deposit. If we have ourselves not met and developed a rapport, I cannot vouch for you to anyone, let alone another provider. Still, I would be eager and excited to offer two girl service with the provider of your choosing as long as you have paid the deposit. I no longer offer service to couples as I have found it to be too emotionally draining and almost always end poorly and with me feeling more used and disrespected than any one-on-one session ever has.
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