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Helpful Links

Here you will find links to outside resources I think you may find helpful, whether this is your first time hiring an escort or you're looking for your next steady regular.  Each button links to a different resource. Underneath each button you will find a short description 

Here you will find an impressive list of abbreviations, acronyms, and terms used in ads and forums. There is definitely some special vocabulary used by both escorts and clients!

This article covers some important information about etiquette, manners, and important Do's and Don'ts when interacting with an escort over the phone and in person. Personally, I make sure men with polite language, good  manners, and  a considerate attitude always get the best I have to offer!  

If this is your first time hiring an escort, this article is a great resource  that explains some of the basic essential information that you may find useful. Everyone was a first-timer once!

Do you find yourself getting into conversations with automated bots? Have you sent a deposit and then been ghosted? Do you show up to find the girl you booked looks NOTHING like her photos?  This article provides some great advice on how to spot the difference between a legit provider and will help you avoid finding yourself in these misleading scenarios before they happen. Once you have an eye for these details, you will be able to tell who is real and who isn't often before you even message them. 


I am a big fan of Reddit. If you're not familiar, Reddit is a forum site that has allows users to subscribe to message boards that are user created and feature countless topics and interests. I have included below some of the forum pages on Reddit that I find to be the most helpful for clients to check out. Because of the anonymous nature of Reddit, you can read unfiltered opinions from fellow clients and escorts that give practical advice on how to be the kind of client I (and others) are truly enthusiastic about seeing. I always give my best to men that take the time to develop a genuine rapport and cultivate my authentic fondness & affection.

2021-02-13 12.19_edited.jpg

This is the general subreddit for both clients and escorts. All manner of topics are discussed and it is a source of helpful information for someone that may be new to this, nervous, or just considering possibly hiring an escort in the near future.

This is a  relevant  message board that is only one in a series of popular pages following the "Ask a (insert occupation)" formula.

While this forum is mostly populated with escorts comiserating with one another, I think it is really eye opening and helpful for clients to read. Sometimes men don't realize how rude they are coming off or misunderstand the things escorts are looking for in a positive interaction. Consider this page a list of "Don'ts" and if you don't understand why, read the comments, where girls often explicitly explain why the behavior was such a turn off!

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